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Beauty salon

Le Blanc Manicure (do not include gel remove or shellac) 25 min
Le Blanc Pedicure 25 min
Deluxe Spa Manicure (do not include gel remove or shellac) 50 min
Deluxe spa Pedicure 50 min
Baltic stone pedicure 80 min
Nail Polish Change (do not include gel remove or shellac) 15 min
Remove o Refill Nails 50 min
Organic resin nail repair 15 min
Full set of organic resin nails 110 min
Gel Manicure 50 min
Gel Remove 25 min


The Fish Spa treatment is a pioneer in the world and Wellness Therapy using authentic Garra Rufa fish, also known as "Doctor Fish". These tropical fish from Turkey, feeding on cells of the skin samples.


The Garra Rufa fish gently removes dead cells from the outer layer of skin without touching the inner layers. In this process, the fish generates an enzyme called Dithranol, which has an effect regeneration of the skin. At the same time, the produced micro suction massage, promotes blood circulation and facilitates the regeneration of healthy skin. The dead skin is removed and new skin layers are brighter, smoother and healthier The Garra Rufa is a freshwater tropical fish, which live mainly in warm waters. It belongs of the Carpas family and is mainly found in Kangal, Turkey. Small fishes, measuring between 2-4 cm and can grow up to 5-7 cm in adults. The locals of the place were those who discovered the ability to improve certain skin conditions.

Upper lip
Eye brow
Half Leg
Full leg

Gentleman's hair Cut 25min
Woman's hair Cut 50 min
Trim 25min
Shampoo y Blow Dry 50 min
Straight straightening and Style 80 min
Brides Hair style 80 min
Brides Hairstyle Test 80 min
Special Hairstyle 80 min
Make up 50 min

Short Hair Coloring (lenght Until Chin) 80min
Medium Hair Coloring (lenght Until shoulders) 110 min
Long Hair Coloring (lenght Until Chest) 140 min
Highlights - Short hair 110 min
Highlights - Medium hair lenght 140 min
Highlights - Long hair 170 min

Nutritive Scalp Treatment 25 min
Resistance Scalp Treatment 25 min
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