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Wedding pass for non-le leblanc wedding guess


Wedding pass for non-Palace Resorts wedding guests to access Le Blanc Spa Resort

Private function areas are based upon availability. Due to noise restrictions, private events held in outdoor locations must end by 10:00pm. In the case a couple would like to extend an indoor private event past 12:00am, additional charges will apply. Private functions, religious ceremonies, music services, and tuxedo rentals must be reserved at least 60 days prior to the wedding date. Restrictions apply to outdoor functions. Please ask your wedding planner for more details.

All Reservations must be booked at least fourteen (14) business days (Monday - Saturday) prior to arrival. Mexican registry office is open from Monday through Saturday only - no civil ceremonies can be performed on Sundays.

Wedding passes for Palace Resorts and non Palace Resorts guests are $150 USD (for 2013) per person, per day and must be purchased for guests not staying at the hotel via the wedding contract. Wedding passes for Palace Resorts members are $133 USD (for 2013). Wedding passes 
are guaranteed for purchase only on ceremony date. The Resort will only allow the purchase of wedding passes up to a maximum of 20% of the total number of guests. Example: If you have 20 guests, only 20% of that total can purchase wedding passes, in this case, only 4 guests are able to purchase wedding passes. Wedding passes are subject to availability depending on the occupancy level of the resort. Guests purchasing a wedding pass must exit the property by 11:00pm. No exceptions can be made. If Wedding guests are residing at a Palace Resorts property, a reduced rate will apply.

Note: Non-Palace Resorts wedding guests are required to purchase a wedding pass. Palace Resorts reserves the right to limit the number of day passes sold once the property has reached its maximum capacity.