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Reserving a wedding ceremony


Q. How can I reserve my wedding ceremony?
A. A wedding reservation form must be completed with all required information. You can find this form on the website at by clicking the icon found on the main Weddings page.

Q. Will I be contacted once I submit the reservation request form?
A. Yes. Once your form has been reserved, you should receive a written confirmation via email within 24-48 business hours with all the required information. If you are not contacted within this time period please contact us directly at 877-848-4933

Q. Do you perform ceremonies on Sundays?
A. No. All wedding ceremonies are performed Monday-Saturday only. Holidays do not apply.

Q. How to book a wedding?


  • Submit the online reservation request form.
  • If the requested day is not available, the wedding coordinator will contact you to provide you with the availability.
  • Once the wedding day is reserved, within 24-48 hours you will receive the wedding contract via e-mail .
  • Couples will review the contract, sign it, and fax it back to Le Blanc's wedding coordinator.
  • When choosing any of the wedding packages, a credit card number must be submitted. A cancellation penalty of $300.00 will apply to all these packages, if the reservation is cancelled within 30 days of the wedding date.
  • If the couple chooses any of the wedding packages, a 50% deposit of the complete package is required 14 days after confirmation is received. Final payment is due 30 days prior to ceremony for all packages.


Upon arriving at the resort, the couple will meet with a wedding coordinator who will check the documents and discuss the final details of the ceremony. At this occasion the couple will choose the restaurant for the dinner, the decoration of the tables, etc.

Private functions are also available. To learn more about our optional services, please select 'Additional Options' from our menu.

- Steps at the resort:

Upon arrival and at the moment of check-in, the couple will receive a letter that indicates the date and time of the appointment with the wedding coordinator. The letter also includes a form that has to be filled out. At the meeting with the coordinator, the couple will turn in the required documents. They also discuss the cake they will choose, time when breakfast will be served (after the wedding), flower arrangement, music, photography, video, guests not staying at Le Blanc Spa Resort, etc. In this meeting all details, of the wedding are finalized - this is why it is important for the couple to attend this meeting. The day of the wedding, 15 minutes prior to the ceremony, the coordinator meets with the bride in her room and gives her the bouquet and takes her to the appointed destination for the ceremony. Usually, the day prior to check out the marriage certificate is given to the couple.