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Q. How long do we have to be at the resort before we can get married?
A. For civil ceremonies and vow renewals, 3 business days prior to ceremony date are required (Monday-Saturday are considered business days). Holidays do not apply.

Q. What is the latest time I can arrive at the resort for it to count towards my 3-business day's requirement?
A. Couples must arrive at the resort by 12:00pm in order for that day to be considered as the first day.

Q. Are weddings performed at Le Blanc legal in the United States?
A. Yes. Civil weddings performed in Mexico are legal in the United States. Please contact your nearest courthouse to find out more information on registering your marriage certificate and obtaining information on whether or not your state requires you to translate the marriage certificate to English.

Q. Do we need to have a passport and birth certificate to get married?
A. Yes. The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative will require all travelers, including U.S citizens, to and from Mexico to have a valid passport to enter or re-enter the United States by January 23, 2007. Please visit for complete details or to obtain a passport.

Q. My passport is expired; will this be acceptable to get married?
A. No. Both bride and groom must have valid and current passports in order to get civilly married at the Resort.

Q. How many photocopies of my birth certificate do I need?
A. You must have the original or a certified copy plus 2 photocopies.

Q. If my name is different from the passport and birth certificate will this present a problem?
A. Yes. All names must be exactly the same including middle names.

Q. Is there any additional documentation required when performing a wedding ceremony at Le Blanc Spa Resort?
A. Yes. A Tourist ID is required; you will automatically obtain this upon arrival at the Cancun's International Airport. In addition, if either bride or groom have ever been divorced, widowed, had a name change or are adopted, an original or certificated copy of the decree or document is required along with an Apostille document. If Canadian, please contact the Mexican Embassy nearest you to obtain an Authentication document along with your decree or documents.

Q. What is an Apostille document, why do I need it and where can I get it?
A. The Apostille Document is a special certification document, which is accepted to countries who are a party to the rules of the Hague Convention. The Apostille document enables you to bypass further certification from the US Department of State and immediately send or take your documents to the country of intended use. Please contact your Secretary of State office for information on how to obtain the Apostille Document or log on to
For Canadian Residents, the Authentication document, which is obtained from your nearest Mexican Embassy Office, serves the same purpose as the Apostille document.

Q. If I am a Mexican Citizen and getting married with a foreigner, will I need extra documentation?
A. Yes. Both bride and groom must arrive to the resort 6 business days prior to ceremony date. A foreigner is required to obtain all the necessary documents at the immigration department when civilly marrying a Mexican Citizen. Please contact your assigned wedding coordinator to obtain all the required documents that must be presented.

Q. Can I contact the Immigration Department directly prior to our arrival?
A. Yes. You can contact them at 011-52-998-884-1658.

Q. Can I translate my Divorce Decree and Apostille document prior to our arrival to the resort?
A. No. All translations must be done at the resort by our on-site certified translators only. Additional fees apply.

Q. I was divorced less than one year ago. Can I have my civil ceremony at the Resort?
A. Yes. However, a mandatory pregnancy test must be taken. If the test is positive, the ceremony cannot be performed. No Exceptions.

Q. What diseases do you test for?
A. HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea and all Sexually Transmitted Diseases are tested.

Q. Can I have a doctor perform the blood test in my country and take the results to the resort?
A. No. Blood tests must be taken at the resort. (Additional fees apply.)

Q. Will I be able to perform the wedding ceremony if one of the blood or pregnancy tests read positive?
A. No, under the Mexican Constitution couples that test positive cannot get civilly marry in Mexico.

Q. Will the judge perform the wedding ceremony if all documents are not in order? Are there exceptions?
A. No. The judge is employed by the Mexican Civil Registry Department and all Documents must be in order. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. Please verify all documentation before departure to ensure that you have all necessary documents.

Q. Do we mail documents before we arrive?
A. No. Documents must be hand carried and presented to the wedding coordinator during the time of your interview.