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General Ceremony Questions


Q. Is the ceremony performed in English or Spanish?
A. The ceremony is performed in English, however, it can be performed in Spanish upon request.

Q. Can we have the ceremony performed on the beach?
A. Yes, ceremonies are being perfomed on the beach.

Q. Would I be able to ship my wedding dress among some wedding favors to the resort?
A. Unfortunately, Le Blanc Spa Resort does not allow packages to be shipped directly to the property

Q. Are their any optional services that must be reserved prior to our arrival to Le Blanc Spa Resort?
A. Yes. If interested in purchasing a live band, minister, tuxedo rentals or a private dinner functions, please contact your wedding coordinator at least 60 days prior so she can confirm these services for your wedding ceremony.

Q. Will I have to contact the wedding coordinator upon my arrival to the resort?
A. No. Upon check-in, you will receive an appointment letter from your assigned coordinator informing you of the date and time of your interview. This appointment is mandatory and cannot be rescheduled.

Q. When do I reserve Salon Services? For example hair appointment, nail services, etc.
A. These will be reserved by your onsite/assigned wedding coordinator on the day of your interview.

Q. Do you offer more flower selections than the ones that are on your website?
A. Absolutely. Your wedding coordinator will present you with a flower album that includes all bouquet & boutonnieres options at the resort.

Q. If I have guests who want to attend the wedding, but will not be staying at a Le Blanc property, can they still attend the wedding?
A. Yes. Guests not staying at Le Blanc must purchase a day pass upon arriving at the resort. The day pass gives the guests full access to the resorts' amenities.

Q. Can I have my family members and friends who are 17 years old or younger attend my wedding ceremony? Will the hotel make an exception?
A. Due to the strict rules and regulations that govern Le Blanc, an adults-only all-inclusive resort, we are not able to make any exceptions. All guests must be 18 years or older.

Q. Will our marriage certificate be issued in English or Spanish?
A. The Marriage Certificate is issued in Spanish. You must register the marriage certificate with your nearest courthouse. Contact your local courthouse for more information.