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For those seeking to indulge in Cancun's tranquil shores, the coveted
and highly acclaimed Le Blanc Spa Resort awaits.

A high-end playground for adults only, Le Blanc offers a world class
spa, butler service, and fine international dining. And now with your
stay you can receive up to $1,500 USD in Resort Credit that can be used to
experience the resort from beginning to end.

  • What do I have to do to use my Resort Credit?

    The Resort Credit can be used for a wide variety of activities and services, such as swimming with dolphins, visiting archaeological sites, purchasing gift shop items, even for wellness treatments in the spa. For full terms and conditions, please click here. You may also email [email protected] to book select activities and services prior to your visit.

    If you do not use the entire Resort Credit, you may transfer the balance to your next visit. You will receive a Welcome Back Card, with your reservation number and your remaining balance. After you've booked your next visit, you may transfer the remaining balance onto your new reservation by visiting our online kiosk at or for Le Blanc Spa Resort reservations. Click on the option ¨Welcome Back Card" and enter the information found on your card.

    What other policies apply?

    In addition to the Resort Credit terms and conditions, and the aforementioned, it is also important to note that the Resort Credit on the new reservation will first be used, and then remaining credit on the 'Welcome Back Card" will take into affect.

  • Can I transfer the remaining balance to someone else?

    You may gift the remaining unused balance to a family member or a friend for a future visit. You must wait for at least two weeks after leaving the hotel in order to use the remaining balance or transfer it. You may only transfer it once to one future reservation.

    How can I use my remaining Resort Credit during my next visit?

    All products and services that are available with the Resort Credit may be redeemed with the Welcome Back Card. However, the Welcome Back Card cannot be used for spa services.

    What can I do if my next visit is after the “Welcome Back Card has expired?

    The Welcome Back Card is only valid for one year. The first 24 hours of your new visit must be within this expiration period.

Click here to download our Resort Credit brochure for more information and to read our
terms and conditions, including the 16% service fee on all products and services rendered
with the Resort Credit.

How can I use my remaining Resort Credit balance?

Palace Resorts is pleased to offer its guests a Resort Credit during their stay, which can be used to
purchase gift store items,tours and more. If you don't use the full amount of the
Resort Credit, the remaining balance may be used during your next stay or you may transfer it to
another person. To do so, you must wait for at least two weeks in order to be able to re-gift the balance
and use again. Spa treatments are not available.