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Visit the capital of the Mayan Civilization: Chichen Itza. It was the most important and advanced ceremonial and religious center in Mesoamerica. On your tour you’ll visit "The Castle" - Temple of Kukulcan; a 70 ft (10 m) high pyramid that the Mayan’s believed was visited twice a year by the Mayan God who manifests himself in the form of a serpent of light and descends from the main stairway. Chichen Itza was recently named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in recognition of its extraordinary architectural beauty and its geographical location. Guided tour of the archaeological site lasts two hours.

•Round trip transportation on an air-conditioned bus.
•Bilingual tour guide.
•Entrance fee to the archaeological site.
•Regional lunch buffet.

•Beverages on board of the bus and at the restaurant.

•Bring extra money (cash) for drinks and shopping.
•If you wish to bring your video camera, it's mandatory to pay a federal admission.
•Bring comfortable walking shoes and clothes, mosquito repellent and sun block lotion.
•In rainy season bring an umbrella or raincoat.

(*) The cost of the tour will be applied towards the Resort Credit. Prices also apply for those who wish to purchase the tour. **16% Tax must be paid when using Resort Credit Promotion.

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